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Policy Statement

Tradition Construction Inc. is committed to delivering safe, reliable services in an environmentally responsible manner to the clients we serve. We are committed to continuously improve our pollution prevention; the conservation of resources; and the continual improvement of our environmental management systems and performance.

Policy Commitment

Tradition Construction Inc. is committed to:

  • Meeting with all levels of environmental legislation, regulations and accepted standards of environmental protection and strive to exceed them.

  • Providing information on key environmental issues related to company operations to our clients

  • Providing employees with the information necessary to make informed decisions, and ensuring all employees recognize and understand their responsibility to follow Tradition Construction Inc.’s environmental policies and procedures

  • Updating our environmental responsibility policy on a regular basis; and setting environmental targets, objectives, and programs.

Compliance with this policy will be reviewed regularly at all employee levels.

Violations will be recorded. Repeated disregard or willful violations of this policy by any subcontractor or employee at any level may be considered cause for discipline in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act and existing laws.

Tradition's Environmental Policy Statement 2020: Services
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